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The Only Watch that Counts




Fully automatic lap, stroke, and heart rate tracking.

Simply press the Start button and begin to swim. No forgetting your lap count and no pressing buttons at the end of each lap.




Never lose track of your workout again.

Evaluate your swim with real metrics. PoolMates track your stroke count, distance, speed, calories, times and efficiency, and can upload to your computer. 


Put Your Heart Into It

In addition to all the features of the PoolMate-Pro, the PoolMate-HR allows you to monitor your heart rate during your exercise and download the data afterwards for review. Use the PoolMate-HR to maintain your heart rate between a preset range, or push your cardiovascular ability to its limits.

Simply strap on the PoolMate-HR along with the included chest belt and begin your workout. No more manual pulse checks. The heart monitor can be used for activities both in and out of the water, whether your swimming, running or cycling. This makes the PoolMate-HR especially useful for triathletes, and anyone looking for a complete sports watch.



Feel the buzz

Save time and momentum during your swim with the unique vibrating alarm feature. No more twisting your neck and squinting your eyes to catch a glimpse of the pace clock. The alarm will keep you on track. For example, you can set it to go off every:
         • 10 laps (or any multiple)
         • 100m (of any distance interval)
         • 30 minutes (or any time interval)

In each case the watch will vibrate on your wrist to notify you that you've hit your chosen mark.


Rechargeable & Ultra Durable

The PoolMate-HR is the first watch of its kind to be completely rechargeable. Forget about changing batteries – simply charge the watch while uploading your data in the USB pod.

Enjoy the suede black color and seriously durable design of the PoolMate-Pro in exercise and daily life. Built with sapphire crystal glass and a ceramic bezel, the PoolMate-HR can be worn with a swim suit – or a real suit.



Additional Features

• Includes watch, download & charging pod, USB cable and chest belt

• Large easy to read display

• Stainless steel buttons

• Flexible and replaceable PU strap

• Backlight

• Double secure fastening

Tech Specs

• Weight: 67 grams

• Battery Life: Approx. 30 days, charging time <2 hours

• Diameter of Face: 48mm

• Strap Size: 14.5 to 21.5cm

• Warranty: One Year

• Software works on PC and Mac


Made for Swimmers, by Swimmers.