Battery Replacement & Repair

The PoolMate uses a standard CR2025 Battery and should last for least 12 months with normal use. This will vary depending on how often you swim. When it is getting low you will notice the display dimming in swim mode. Replacing a battery on a watertight watch can be tricky and requires inspection of the gasket at the very least, and usually a replacement. Our manufacturer in the UK can replace the battery for you or you can take to a local jeweler but be sure to tell them it’s a waterproof watch so they can take precautions. In the unlikely event your strap breaks or glass cracks, our manufacturer can also fit a replacement for you.

Customers who wish to have the battery replacement by the UK manufacturer will be responsible for shipping cost and the cost for the services below:

  • New Battery (CR2025)
  • New Strap/Case
  • New Gasket
  • Return shipping

To contact the manufacturer for battery replacement, please visit http://www.swimovate.com/battery-replacement/