Q: How does the PoolMate work?

A: The PoolMate contains state of the art motion sensors that detect the motion of your arm. Our unique software algorithms and digital signal processing techniques analyze the data and extract lap, stroke, distance, speed and calorie information automatically.


Q: Do I need to press a button at the end of each lap like other lap counters?

A: No, The PoolMate is fully automatic and will sense when you start a new lap without you having to do anything. Just press the start button and begin your swim.


Q: Will the watch work with all pools?

A: The watch will work with pools over 15 meters in length. Similarly swimmers who take less than 7 strokes per lap may also experience inaccurate results. You can swap between yards or meters at any time by changing the setup of the watch.


Q: I want to swim sets, can the PoolMate record each set?

A: Yes, you can playback all the details from individual sets as well as the details of the total swim session. Press the Start button at the beginning and end of each set if you want to record them. You can even time your rest periods.


Q: How accurate is the PoolMate?

A: We have a 99.75% accuracy rate. No guarantee is given for accuracy with individual swimmers and rates may differ with users whose strokes or abilities differ from the norm.


Q: Can I wear the PoolMate on my right arm?

A: Yes, the PoolMate will work on either wrist. Just change the setting in the SETUP menu.


Q: Will the PoolMate work with tumble turns?

A: Yes, the PoolMate will work with both tumble turns and when pushing off the wall. It detects the gap you get between regular strokes when you turn.


Q: How long will the battery last?

A: The PoolMate battery has an estimated life expectancy of well over a year. To maintain water resistance and ensure the warranty remains valid, the Pool-Mate may be returned to Swimovate Ltd for battery replacement. Alternatively it may be replaced by a qualified watch maker or jeweler. The battery is a standard CR2025 that should be readily available.


Q: What computers will the PoolMate-Pro upload to?


A: It will upload to a PC or MAC.


Q: Why do most heart rate monitors not work in the water?

A: The majority of modern heart rate monitors operate at 2.4GHz which does not penetrate water so they will not show heart rate in the pool. The PoolMateHR works at 122KHz which will transmit in water.


Q: What does the efficiency index measure?

A: The efficiency index is based on the recognized Swim Golf method. It is the number of strokes taken over 25 metres plus the time taken to swim 25 metres. Reduce this number to increase your efficiency and improve your swimming.


Q: Will it work in open water?

A: This version of the PoolMate has been designed for lap swimming in a pool only. In open water it will count average strokes per lap and time your swim but will not measure correct distance, speed, calories or efficiency and may detect rogue laps if your stroke pattern is disturbed. We are working on something for Open Water.


Q: What is the water resistance? 

A: The PoolMate has been designed for lap swimming in a pool only. The watch is sealed and water resistant to 50m.


Q: It's not waterproof?

A: It is not a dive (SCUBA) watch.  The buttons are not meant to be pushed underwater, that would deem it 'water proof' and would tack on a few hundred dollars more, and isn't necessary for the task.