Monitor Your Progress.
Get Motivated. 

In addition to all the features of the regular PoolMate, the PoolMate-Pro allows you to record each swim session on the watch and download it directly to your computer. The expert analysis software then compares your swims. If you struggle with motivation, the PoolMate Pro can make a huge difference to your swimming.

The PoolMate-Pro includes a download pod that plugs directly into your Mac or PC USB port. Data stored on your PoolMate-Pro is automatically transferred via infrared link through the pod to your computer. Track your progress and get the big picture on screen with our intuitive software.


Comprehensive Software Features

• Download data from the PoolMate-Pro watch or add swims manually.
• Filter your swim by stroke type (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle).
• Examine any session in detail including individual sets.
• Graphical analysis of your stroke count, times, speed etc. allows you to see your progression.
• View your fastest times, best stroke count and more.
• See how far you swam this week or year.
• Multiple swimmer support.
• Add notes or edit data.

Additional Features

• Large easy to read display

• Stainless steel buttons

• Flexible and replaceable PU strap

• Backlight

• Double secure fastening

Tech Specs

• Weight: 41 grams

• Battery Life: Approx. 12 months

• Diameter of Face: 40mm

• Strap Size: 14.5 to 21.5cm

• Warranty: One Year

• Software works on PC and Mac