Focus on your swim.

As any swimmer knows, it’s easy to forget your lap count. Whether you swim a few times a week for fitness, or train extensively for competition, the PoolMate will help you improve your swim by allowing you to focus on your technique without having to count laps.

Open Water Mode

A simple calibration lap is all that’s required to set up the special open water mode, which uses the in-built accelerometer to work out the swim metrics. Using this method rather than GPS, which takes a lot of power and has difficulties operating in water, means the PoolMate2 has a battery life of over 2 years!



Review Your Stats

How’d your swim go? Evaluate it with real metrics. PoolMates don’t just count your laps, they track your stroke count, distance, speed, calories, times and efficiency, and store that data for later analysis. They can store over 100 sessions for recall, record individual sets and total session data. Best of all the PoolMate works with all major strokes straight out of the box, no calibration required.

Stroke Recognition

Stroke recognition technology allows the PoolMate to recognize your swimming style between the four Olympic strokes. Track and reduce your stroke count, an integral part of improving your overall swim.

Extreme Accuracy

The PoolMate contains state of the art MEMS accelerometers (first used by NASA) to capture the motion of your arms. It has been extensively tested by a wide variety of swimmers over a 2 year period, with an accuracy rate of over 99.75%. It's now used by tens of thousands of swimmers worldwide.


Additional Features

• Large easy to read display

• Stainless steel buttons

• Flexible and replaceable PU strap

• Backlight

• Double secure fastening

Tech Specs

• Weight: 41 grams

• Battery Life: Approx. 12 months

• Diameter of Face: 40mm

• Strap Size: 14.5 to 21.5cm

• Warranty: One Year